Video Tutorials (marudai)

Polka Dot Ply (12 tama)

Hira Kara (16 tama)

Kanmuriuchi (16 tama)

Ein anderer Name für diese Kordel ist YURUGI.

Another name for this braid is YURUGI.

Ishidatami (20 TAMA)

Sakura Genji (24 tama)

Otibo + kusari Genji (24 tama)

This braid is a combination of "Otibo" + "Kusari Genji." I tried to illustrate and comment the video in a way which allows to understand the moves and repeats of the sequences. I also added some photos of the "point of braiding". At the end of the video, I show the starting position for a two-colored Kusari Genji (with a third color for the "weft strands"). In addition, I figured out how to exchange the groups which attaches a "twist" to the braid.


In diesem Video zeige ich zwei Flechtschemata: Otibo + Kusari Genji für 24 Spulen. Am Ende des Videos zeige ich noch zwei weitere Variationen: Kusari Genji zweifarbig flechten und mit vertauschten Strängen.